Frequent Questions & Answers

Can I step through the chapters in random order?

Yes the individual chapter videos may be taken in any random order. This helps in reviewing questions concerning some previous chapters, or to focus on the subjects of more interest

Do I require any specific software to view the videos?

Only a browser is required to view the individual chapter videos. The videos are hosted on Vimeo, a platform similar to Youtube. Sometimes it is necessary to allow access to the platform where the videos are hosted.

Who decides the content of the courses?

Our team decides upon the structure of the courses and which lessons are available. However we highly appreciate the feedback of our students in order to improve the courses and add additional lessons or workshop courses.

Who answers my questions?

Our experts who have developed the training courses directly respond to your questions. They have long term experience with the products and the CCM and printing environment and should be able to answer all your questions.

Can I send my data to review?

Yes. As a participant of the workshops you can send your current work. As a matter of fact it is actually often easier to provide answers to questions when looking at the same data.

Do you provide the software for the course?

We can provide you with a local installation of the Timitoo Software, or respective cloud access. However we cannot provide you with third party tools such as Papyrus to be installed when taking the class.

You can take the classes without the software, but the learning experience for the courses is much better when following along in the actual tool that is being taught.


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